Online Counseling FAQ

Online Counseling (also called Telemedicine or Telehealth) is the use of video and audio technologies to support long-distance services between providers and their clients.

Basically you can do a counseling session with your mobile device with one of our therapists, no matter where in Nebraska you may be.

AdvancedMD is our practice management and electronic health record system. It’s fully integrated so clients can use it to update their contact information, look at and pay their bill, and join their session. AdvancedMD is HIPAA compliant and secure.

You’ll need the below to join a Telehealth (online therapy) session with your provider:

  • A computer, tablet, or phone (no applications or software to download).
  • An external or integrated webcam.
  • An external or integrated microphone.
  • An internet connection with a bandwidth of at least 10 MBPS. We recommend an Ethernet cable over Wifi when possible to ensure you receive the best possible connection through your internet provider. You can check your internet speed here.
  • Shut down all background applications to ensure Telehealth receives the majority of your internet’s bandwidth, especially applications that use your camera.

Check out our Telehealth infographic for best practices when setting up the optimal Telehealth space.

If you’re using a Desktop or Laptop, we recommend:

We recommend the below if you’re using a tablet or mobile phone:

  • Android – Google Chrome
  • iOS 11 or newer (iPhone or iPad) – Safari

To join your session, simply login and join from the client portal.

Because we use Zoom technology, you may need to install the Zoom plugin if prompted.

Join your session from a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. 

No. AdvancedMD does not allow for session video or audio to be recorded.