• Do you worry about your alcohol or drug use being a problem?
  • Have you broken rules you set about your use or had difficulty cutting down?
  • Have you been angry or annoyed at others when they ask about your use?
  • Have you lied or felt guilty about your use?
  • Have you felt a need to use to “get going”?
  • Have you had problems at work due to your use of alcohol or drugs?
  • Are you an employer concerned about an employee’s potential use of alcohol or drugs?
  • Has Parole, Probation, Court or Health and Human Services (DHHS) told you to get an evaluation for substance use.

If you answered yes to any of these questions,  Gerry Merck, LMHP, LADC and Ingrid DeVries, LIMHP, LADC are both licensed drug and alcohol counselors who are able to address your needs in a professional and friendly environment.



Sometimes individuals have a concern about their substance use and its effects in their life. It may be self concerns, or concerns raised by family or friends. We will conduct a professional evaluation to help in determining the presence or absence of a problem, design a treatment plan and counseling or make appropriate referrals if needed.


The Nebraska Supreme Court adopted a rule to implement the Nebraska Standardized Model for Delivery of Substance Use Services. As a Registered Service Provider, We follow the Nebraska Standard Reporting Format for Substance Use and Co Occurring Evaluations for all Justice Referrals. We work with the individual to assess the issue and develop appropriate treatment plan and counseling or referral if needed.


Employers may have concerns about the substance use of an individual due to a violation of a company policy, or due to concerns that one may violate a policy. We can complete a professional evaluation with appropriate referral if needed. We work with the employer to give the minimal information needed to address the concern without compromising personal  information shared in the evaluation.